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Custom Guided Adventure Travel with Dr. Jon

Come with us on adventures to wild places: Mt. Everest, Kilimanjaro, the Grand Canyon, and more

Custom guided adventure tours offer a way for us to share our experience and love of wild and unique places all over the world.  Every variable can be tailored to your needs to create a mountain adventure and learning experience that is perfect for you. I have led Everest Base Camp Treks, skiing trips, and many other experiences in-between.  Whether you are a highly experienced mountain traveler or you are just want something a little tougher than a beach vacation, a trip can be created for you.

Since 2011, I have annually led up to 3 separate custom expeditions where the adventurer has determined the venue and then I assist with the logistics and guide it. Here are just a few examples:

Nepal - Everest Base Camp Treks

Tibet - Mount Everest - Climb to the Summit!

Africa - Kilimanjaro and Safaris, Zanzibar

Aconcagua - South America's highest peak with Mendoza, Argentina wine tasting

Indonesia - Carstenz Pyramid, Bali for yoga/massage, snorkeling, surfing, and scuba diving.

Europe - Tour de Mont Blanc Trek Chamonix- 5-Star hotels and refugios with good food and wine!

Skiing - Canada, Japan, or anywhere! Ever gone Heliskiing?

Norway - Iconic Fjords, landmark hikes, seafood, and Lofoten Islands adventure.

You customize the trip- or join a trip that Dr. Jon has already been doing for years with small intimate groups.  Before you contact me, give some thought to the time of year for your adventure, the length and any desired objectives (ex. skiing somewhere, or climbing peaks, or just trekking).  

My philosophy is that if you want to relax go on a vacation, but if you believe in adventure and a bit of the unexpected, then come on an expedition with me!


​*All my trips include my help in planning, preparation, gear selection, and booking of all travel items and accommodations. Some of my trips that I have offered multiple times already have set costs and itineraries and the only additional cost and logistic for you is your travel to the location.**

*Please note for custom trips a flat day rate charge of $800 that can be shared by up to 3 people. For more then 3 participants, contact me for additional pricing.

**International or domestic travel costs to the destination, trip insurance, guide gratuities and equipment/gear rental are not included in the cost of any specialized itinerary. Everything else is included!