COVID-19 UPDATE (4/23/20)

Weathering the Storm and Staying Prepared

With the self-quarantine measures occurring around the country, I know most if not all conferences and events have been cancelled or postponed.  Many workers are now working from home, perhaps struggling with productivity as they balance the needs of their job, their kids, and all the other home distractions.  

"All storms, no matter how bad they are, will always pass, and the blue sky will always prevail".

Given the novelty of the current pandemic business environment, I'm sure your company or organization has many questions about how to move forward. How much longer do we have to be in this? How should we approach the new week, or month, or year for what lies ahead?


As a veteran of 4 Everest expeditions weathering frequent brutal storms, as well as on other 8000m peaks, I have learned many lessons about not only surviving through isolation and uncertainty, but thriving.

Please check out the the abstract for my webinar, "Weathering Storms and Staying Prepared".  This 45-55 minute talk is truly uplifting and inspiring, and will leave your organization with daily actionable items to help you thrive.

Inspirational Stories of Teamwork & Leadership

As a life-long wilderness enthusiast, Dr. Jon Kedrowski is one of the world's leading high altitude mountaineer experts.  He has studied (Ph.D. in Environmental Geography, Weather, and Climate) and survived on peaks around the world, learning valuable lessons and elevating his mindset. These are the lessons he wishes to share with and inspire others through his speaking engagements.  Watch the video to learn more:

Former clients include:




Weathering Storms & Failure

Climb Your Next Everest

Everesting, Keynote Address, Snow camping, Mt. Everest, SMART Goals

Small and big mountains - we've all tried to climb them.  Where do you start? 

 By Everesting - elevating your mindset and your life!

In this inspirational keynote, Dr. Jon distills his mountain-tested techniques for reaching the BIG goals you have in life and business.  He shares practical methods of how to:

  • Achieve your dreams, no matter how high.
  • Break seemingly insurmountable goals into smaller, SMART goals.
  • Implement successful execution strategies.

Climb Your Next Everest

Weathering Storms & Failure

Climb Your Next Everest

Charles Schwab, motivational speaking, keynote address, Mt. Everest, Leadership, Circle of influence

Get to the Top in Life and Business!

Dr. Jon will take your audience on an entertaining and awe-inspiring journey through the adversity he has faced on Mt. Everest, continually facing failure from outside forces and the qualities we all need to climb the Everest's in our lives. This includes:

  • Focusing on what you can control and not wasting energy on what you can't.
  • Leadership and teamwork.
  • Managing risks in high pressure environments.

Weathering Storms & Failure

Weathering Storms & Failure

Weathering Storms & Failure

Weather, climate, Mt. Everest, Snow, Adversity, Keynote Address, Motivational Speaking

What does it take to endure the storms in our lives and business environment?

After decades of climbing and skiing off of high peaks around the world, as well being an entrepreneur, Dr. Jon knows what it takes to endure life's storms.  In this motivating talk, he shares his stories and insights on how to:

  • Adjust your plans, attitudes, and actions.
  • Overcome fear.
  • Realize that failure is part of success if you stay strong and don't give up
  • Thrive in spite of unexpected setbacks.


Authentic and motivational

Inspirational, strongly recommended

Inspirational, strongly recommended

Dr. Jon's authenticity is real, and his message will motivate...he was strong in front of the group, but the real treat was his commitment to some one on one interaction...our people really appreciated that time.

Joe Carlson

Financial Advisor

General Partner

Edward Jones

Inspirational, strongly recommended

Inspirational, strongly recommended

Inspirational, strongly recommended

Jon was an incredible speaker and brought our group a brand new perspective on what it means to go through challenges and rise above them when it counts! I took a picture with him afterwards and noted that this was the closest I'll ever get to the top of Mount Everest. He was an inspiration and I would strongly recommend him to any organization looking to make an impact on their staff or clients.


Senior Account Executive

Minnesota Timberwolves / Lynx 

Entertaining and educational

Inspirational, strongly recommended

Entertaining and educational

Our community can't get enough of Jon's stories and lectures about his adventures on Everest. His multi-media presentation is as entertaining as it is educational and we welcome him to our stage any time.

K. Sabel

Executive Director

Vail Symposium