Everest Base Camp Treks 2021

Join our April 2021 trek to Mt. Everest Base Camp, led by mountain guide Jon and his Sherpa friends.

Keynote: How Well Do You Handle Setbacks?

Weathering storms is a constant part of running a business, life in general, and mountain climbing.  See how Jon can help you

Adventure Consulting

Need gear, training, or logistical advice for your next audacious adventure? 

Personal Adventure Training

Do you need help building the aerobic fitness, strength, and skills you need to reach your personal adventure goals?

2021 Philanthropy

Through the NOD Everest Foundation, Jon raised $14,000 for High Altitude Porters and Sherpas during the K2 Winter Expedition.

2021 N.O.D. Summer Basketball Camps

Join us June 21-23, 2021 to raise money for college scholarships in Colorado and local high school athletics programs.