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Dr. Jon Kedrowski
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Meet Dr Jon Kedrowski

N.O.D. = "No Off Days"

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Anything is Possible

Do you have what it takes to climb some of the highest peaks on the planet? Anything is possible Dr. Jon has been to six of the seven continental summits, including Mount Everest, and has climbed and skied mountains all over the world.  Human powered adventures such as skiing and spending the night on the Colorado 14ers, California 14ers, climbing and skiing the Cascade volcanoes, and climbing an 8000m peak, are just a few of the adventures shared here.  Many of Jon's stories are told through his photographs, and @drjonkedski on Instagram.

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Achieving your goals

In his captivating keynote speeches to corporate and educational audiences, Dr. Jon authentically shares the stories behind his adventures, books, and expeditions (including Everest), while imparting “Lessons from the Summits” that motivate audiences toward better goal setting, teamwork, and leadership. 

Keynote Speaking Testimonials

Exciting and compelling

Dr. Jon gives a unique, exciting and compelling talk, one that engages his audience to experience what few have seen, climbing Mt. Everest. Crossing crevasses, feeling the force of the wind, the rush of the climb. Jon uniquely shares the determination, planning, teamwork and focus in an inspirational message to the audience. You will never will forget his experience and passion and you'll use the experience to enrich your own life.

S. Booren

Owner and Founder

Prosperion Financial Advisors 

Greenwood Village, CO

Impressive subject matter

I highly recommend Jon as a Keynote Speaker if you are looking for someone that has the unique ability to combine impressive subject matter and lessons from his summits all over the world that relates to numerous challenges in the business environment.              

R. Cargo, COO

Raymond James Financial

TedxVail - What's your NEXT Everest?

Dr. Jon Kedrowski talks about the power of setting big goals and looking towards your Next Everest.   TedXVail.

14th Annual N.O.D. Basketball Camp, June 24-26, 2019

Directed by Jon Kedrowski, Daniel Steffenson, Sarah Brubeck

Directed by

  • Jon Kedrowski (Valparaiso University)
  • Daniel Steffenson (Fort Lewis College)
  • Sarah Brubeck (BMHS, EVHS and Berry Creek Middle School)

Coed Basketball Camps Age Groups: 

  • Grades 2nd-9th 9:00am to 3:00pm 
  • Grades 10th-12th 9:00am to 3:00pm

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Camp Coaches and Staff

Camp Coaches and Staff

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